First Time Family Pictures

osenbaugh boys

We finally did it! Thanks to Facebook, I recently saw some gorgeous photos of families I know. I just had to get ours done too. We have never had professional pictures done, now I couldn’t resist. I wanted some nice pics of the whole family. So we did it! I contacted the photographer who took […]

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Our Classroom for a Perfect Autumn Day

Perfect Autumn Day

A couple of Fridays ago we took class outdoors, what a breath of fresh air!  It was amazing, fantastic, refreshing and down right FUN! We love going to Hudson Gardens, several acres of God’s beautiful creation!  We searched for leaves, watched ducks and geese, chased butterflies and bugs, tumbled in the grass and climbed a […]

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Stopping to Smell the Roses, Literally!

The Rose Garden at Hudson Gardens

I love flowers, I love gardening.  Before I had kids, most of my time was spent gardening.  I researched, planned, plotted and planted.  Fast forward 8 years and I have no time to garden, I figure I will be able to do it again once my kids are a little older. Until then, I get […]

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Review: Best Soup Around! DaKind Soup in Evergreen

DaKind Soups Evergreen

Soup. Really, who doesn’t love soup? I know that our family loves soup! Recently, Groupon offered a deal at DaKind Soups in Evergreen. After checking out their STELLAR reviews on Yelp, Google and Yahoo, I purchased the Groupon. 2. We ventured there after a vacation in Vail. DaKind usually has around 8 soups available daily. […]

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Field Trip: Bugs and Butterflies and more!

Butterfly Pavilion

A few weeks ago we went on a Field Trip to the Butterfly Pavilion with my sister and nephew.  It was so much fun and the kids loved every minute.  They got to hold Rosie, the famous tarantula, plus they were able to observe many more bugs and spiders. I think everybody’s favorite part is the actual […]

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Field Trip: Airplane Museum!


In our city we have a museum after any young boys heart – the Airplane Museum, it is called Wings over the Rockies.  It is located in a hangar that used to be used on a military base here in Denver.  We didn’t tell the boys where we were going, but after a 20 minute […]

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A Spring Field Trip

We went to a wonderful, several acre outdoor space with gardens and ponds. Everything is just starting to turn green, flowers are popping up, ducks are swimming in the ponds. The air was crisp, fresh, perfect.         We walked around for 2 hours, discovering.  They have a super fun kids area, the […]

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Fall Field Trip #2

We are probably going for 3 field trips to study the Fall.  We have already gone to the Botanic Gardens, this trip was to Hudson Gardens, next one is straight to the mountains. Hudson Gardens is a great place.  This “about” is from their own website: The Gardens reflect the multitude of plants, flowers and […]

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