Summertime Organization

Organizing always “sounds good” but when does anybody really have time for that? So I am taking this Summer to get organized, again! This time I decided to start over, put everything together in one place. I took everything out of drawers and off of shelves, threw it in a huge pile and then sorted. […]

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Organizing School and Office Supplies

Prestons Desk Drawer

This Summer I am revamping everything I have organized since we moved in.  We have a super small place and I want another fresh start.  I am going to get rid of so much stuff, I can’t wait! I started going through all the paperwork we have, I was surprised to get rid of so […]

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Tackling Kid Clutter

elfa Kids Storage

Ugh!  I never, ever knew how much “stuff” kids can accumulate. Let’s see, between birthdays, Christmas and trips to the toy aisle we definitely do not lack in toys for our children.  Another seemingly win-less battle?  Getting the kids to pick up after they are done playing. Sure, I dream of having a plastic, labeled storage […]

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Rethinking the Coat Closet

Being a homeschooler and living in a small space can be frustrating at times. I pretty much turned my living room into a school room, then over time, a couch and love seat were brought in. I needed space but wasn’t sure what else could be done. Recently while cruising a blog hop I found […]

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File System for Homeschooling

Many of my days recently consist of organizing.  That includes creating file folders, laminating, hanging, etc.  I have Sonlight’s curriculum so everything is contained within the binder.  However, when materials are needed for certain lessons I wanted to have everything ready to go. I went surfing the net and came across  She has a file system […]

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