Spy Party Fun

My middle son Oliver recently turned six.  I don’t throw the boys a “friends” party every year but this was one of those years for him.  At Christmas time the boys got Spy Gear and loved it; then while looking at party ideas I came across a laser maze idea, I was inspired.  I then […]

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First Time Family Pictures

osenbaugh boys

We finally did it! Thanks to Facebook, I recently saw some gorgeous photos of families I know. I just had to get ours done too. We have never had professional pictures done, now I couldn’t resist. I wanted some nice pics of the whole family. So we did it! I contacted the photographer who took […]

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Fun with Shaving Cream

Woody in the shaving cream

Recently I discovered another amazing blog!  This one is called Meet the Dubiens.  I have seen so many things on this blog that I want to do with my kids.  Very inspiring! Our first inspiration we did today.  She mixed food coloring with shaving cream and used it as paint for her kids bath time. […]

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A Rainbow Layer Cake

My middle boy, my sweet, sweet Oliver had his 5th birthday party.  When planning his party I came across a blog post on How to Make a Rainbow Layer Cake she was inspired by this post and this post both on Rainbow Cakes. I was so happy because Oliver loves rainbows!  I also wanted to […]

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A is for Animal

After checking out a ton of homeschool blogs this summer I was looking for an alphabet activity for Oliver to do, I came across an idea at totallytots.homestead.com.  It is called Now I Know My ABC’s and it shows pictures of animals made from each letter in the alphabet.  Here is what Oliver has made […]

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School Pictures – My Super-Cute Students, ok so I am a little biased!

I have been participating in the Not Back to School Blog Hop that is being hosted at http://heartofthematteronline.com.  This weeks topic is School Pictures.  So I haven’t really had a chance to cut the boys hair and get them all “spiffy” so I pulled some pics that were taken while we have been enjoying our […]

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Sweeter than most?

Is it possible that some people can be sweeter than others?  In taste I mean.   Well, ok, let me explain.  I am kidding about taste but my poor sweet little Oliver is constantly the target of bees and spiders, every summer his lil body gets nasty bites and bumps.  I feel so sad for […]

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