It’s Not Just About the Presents

It's about the cross

Recently, I heard a song that is a few years old but new to me. ┬áIt is one of my new favorite Christmas songs! It’s About the Cross, Go Fish Guys Opening lyrics: It’s not just about the manger Where the baby lay It’s not all about the angels Who sang for him that day […]

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And Now for Some Music


This is my 200th post! Thought I would share some tunes with you! After all, who doesn’t love music? I love listening to music. I usually listen to my own playlist on YouTube or KLove, which has really good contemporary worship and praise music. Some of my current favorite songs: Fall Apart, Josh Wilson I’m […]

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Who Will Love Me for Me?

Who will love you for you, only you? Not for what you can do or what you will do? Who will love you for you, no matter what you do or say? There is only one answer. His love is unfailing. His love endures forever. He does not change. He is faithful and forgiving. He […]

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