Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

This year I was invited to a Valentine’s Card making get-together and had so much fun that I had one for the women in my family, that was also a blast. When it came time to think about the kids Valentine’s cards this year, it was a no brainer that they would make homemade ones […]

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Rethinking the Coat Closet

Being a homeschooler and living in a small space can be frustrating at times. I pretty much turned my living room into a school room, then over time, a couch and love seat were brought in. I needed space but wasn’t sure what else could be done. Recently while cruising a blog hop I found […]

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Easy Tie Dye Shirts

I have always loved tie-dyed shirts, loved them.  Bright bursts of color splashed on a sparkling white tee.  Pretty!  I have wanted to make one for ever but just felt like it would be hard.  Until recently. I came across a spray bottled tie dye kit, it looked easy enough so I had to try it. We bought 3 white […]

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The Best Boy Toy Ever!

On a recent field trip to, we visited a new children’s garden play and discovery area. It has fantastic stations all around to encourage interactive play and learning. 2 stations caught my eye and more importantly, caught the boys eyes and kept ’em too! Wood blocks, real wood blocks only they aren’t the kind we […]

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Fall Field Trip #2

We are probably going for 3 field trips to study the Fall.  We have already gone to the Botanic Gardens, this trip was to Hudson Gardens, next one is straight to the mountains. Hudson Gardens is a great place.  This “about” is from their own website: The Gardens reflect the multitude of plants, flowers and […]

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We Love This Place!

Books.  I love books.  Love ’em. The library.  I love the library.  Love it. We go to the library about once a week and what a treat it is.  The boys get to play with puzzles and games, look at the fish, sometimes they get to do crafts and listen to story-time.  Those things are […]

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5th Week = Done!

Today we conclude our 5th week of homeschooling, the time has flown by! I wanted to write an update of how it is going, what works well and what doesn’t. Over the summer I spent hours reading all the books I could find on the subject, then I found a ton of blogs, each day […]

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Digital Fun for Kids

We are always trying to find websites that have learning content rather the sites with games only. This has become even more important because lately our boys have developed an addiction to Super Mario Brothers, the old school version online. They explored all the learning websites and grew tired of them, so my husband had […]

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