A Challenge I am Ready for

Ever since I started Homeschooling or researching it, for that matter, I have found really good blogs written by other Moms. Recently, I noticed a few of them began talking about a challenge they were about to begin on. *Flash Forward* Just the other night I was telling my friends that I am starving for […]

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Okay Nevermind

It is what it is. Even as much as I don’t like that saying, I have to say. it is what it is. Remember the camera I wrote about? Well it turns out the girl that was going to sell it to me can’t find it, she said her husband thinks she sold it last […]

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I’ll Be Honest

I have always wanted to be a photographer. I always figured I would buy a supernice camera someday and then self-teach. Well that day still has not come, currently I look at the pictures I have posted and they just are not up to par. Especially if you look at what blog pictures should like […]

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After reading a few different blogs over the years I was finally ready to start one. I have a friend who has a really great blog that I love to read. One of her posts from about 1000 days ago she started a goal list titled 101 in 1001. I googled 101 in 1001 and […]

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