Mocha Tartlets, Mmmm

I love chocolate! I always tell my kids, if they want candy, chocolate is a better choice then any of the “sugary” candies out there. I love coffee, espresso in mochas to be exact. I love cooking with Pillsbury refrigerated dough products, they are verastile and easy to use. So here we are!  A concoction […]

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Wordless Wednesday

This week I joined a  Wordless Wednesday link up sponsored by My theme this week is food! a yummy treat my hubby made   an iced mocha in the making   delicious crostini toppings

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A Yummy, Healthy, Fruit Smoothie

Ever since I got my Ninja I have been promising the boys a fruit smoothie.  The week before I had picked up some frozen strawberries and blueberries.  I went to work.  I wish we had bananas though, I love bananas in smoothies. It was yummy, the boys ate it right up.  I especially liked the whipped […]

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Another Hit from

My husband has been asking for a pasta casserole for a long time and so this past Friday, I decided to cook up a yummy casserole for my Dearest. I went straight to as usual, love that site. Used Ingredient Search for:  Spinach,  Pasta, Cheese I decided on Cheryl’s Spinach Cheesy Pasta, which has […]

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A Nostalgic Lunch

What to do for lunch? That question is the question I battle with almost daily. I never want to get boring or bland with the lunches I make for my little guys. I partake in Muffin Tin Mondays sometimes, which is fun. You arrange all kinds of yummy food in muffin tins, kids love it. […]

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Quick, Low-Cost, Yummy Dinner

Yesterday marked day 3 of being at home. We ran out of a lot of things in our kitchen. I wanted to throw something warm and comforting together. I also spent most of the afternoon reorganizing so when dinner time came let’s just say I didn’t have a lot of time or energy. I went […]

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A Delicious Gift from God

What’s not to love about avocados? They might be the most delicious super-food in the world. Healthy snacks that my kids like are sometimes hard to come up with.  One thing that has proved to be a favorite is avocados. Avocados, like many fruits and vegetables, amaze me. That you can walk up to a […]

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Homemade Almond Joy from Joy the Baker

I love Joy the Baker, she has inspired in so many ways.  She comes up with such yummy, interesting recipes.  A couple of weeks ago she made Homemade Almond Joy candy bars.  Simple recipe, super delicious.  Although they are super rich, must have coffee or milk with one.  Her’s turned out looking perfect, mine did […]

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