All Systems Go – A Space Odyssey Adventure


We recently spent an afternoon at the Space Odyssey Exhibit at our local Museum.  The boys took some day long workshops and then they spent 2 hours taking in the Space Odyssey.  It was a treat for me and my husband to watch their enthusiasm soar. Preston learning about telescopes Sam explores the exhibits  Learning […]

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Our Trip to The Shoppe

The Shoppe Denver

After our exciting field trip to the United States Mint we wanted to take the boys some place fun to eat.  So that is what I googled “fun places to eat in Denver”.  BINGO, one of the first results was for The Shoppe, a cupcake and cereal eatery!  I have always wanted to go to […]

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Denver Mint Field Trip


Today we went to Downtown Denver and took a tour of the Denver Mint.  We went for two reasons, homeschool and Cub Scouts.  We are learning about money in Homeschool and my oldest is in Cub Scouts, their assignment is to start and display a coin collection.  He decided to collect State Quarters.  So, I thought […]

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A Field Trip to the Denver Zoo

Lion Zoo

A Field Trip to the Denver Zoo Thanks to Groupon we were able to spend 5 wonderful hours at the  Zoo.  We went in late November. It was chilly that morning but I checked the weather and it promised to be warm.  It ended up being about 57 degrees, for a Coloradan(oan?) that is practically […]

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Field Trip: Bugs and Butterflies and more!

Butterfly Pavilion

A few weeks ago we went on a Field Trip to the Butterfly Pavilion with my sister and nephew.  It was so much fun and the kids loved every minute.  They got to hold Rosie, the famous tarantula, plus they were able to observe many more bugs and spiders. I think everybody’s favorite part is the actual […]

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