Boys Love This Craft… R2D2!

My boys are crazy for Star Wars, they love it!  I just picked up the box set of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi for them for Christmas.  It was one of their lightning deals for only $22! Recently, I came across a crafts section of the Star Wars website. […]

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The Best Boy Toy Ever!

On a recent field trip to, we visited a new children’s garden play and discovery area. It has fantastic stations all around to encourage interactive play and learning. 2 stations caught my eye and more importantly, caught the boys eyes and kept ’em too! Wood blocks, real wood blocks only they aren’t the kind we […]

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Preschool Worksheets and Coloring Pages

I love printables! I have used them for a few years now.  There are some to be had out there on the web; however, I wanted more to choose from. What is a printable? Simply put, it is a worksheet that you can print for your children to use. I finally started making my own […]

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A is for Animal

After checking out a ton of homeschool blogs this summer I was looking for an alphabet activity for Oliver to do, I came across an idea at  It is called Now I Know My ABC’s and it shows pictures of animals made from each letter in the alphabet.  Here is what Oliver has made […]

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Learning to Count, Add & Subtract

This is a great idea from one of my favorite blogs, the 1+1+1=1 Blog When I was learning to count my teacher showed me this method, not sure what it is called but it helped me tremendously when learning to add and subtract. I saw this and thought it would be great for Oliver. I […]

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More Classroom Ideas

Earlier this week I joined the Not-Back to School Blog Hop, so many homeschoolers participated, it was inspiring! Who doesn’t love a peek into someone else’s life and home. After looking at other blogs I decided to share my room, in more detail, so that others can get ideas, the way I have been getting […]

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More Homeschool… Manipulatives, Centers, Calendar

After looking at this site and her ideas for a Calendar board I was completely inspired. Thank you Homeschool Creations for the wonderful ideas!  Here is our Calendar board: We have: Todays Date, with different ways to write the date, make the date in money, color of the day, weather for temp. (1st grader will fill […]

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