Turning 8

I am 8

My oldest turned 8 this past week and  we did things a little different this year.  Usually we do the whole party thing, but I thought it was time for some more meaningful time with people he loves.  I asked him if he wanted to have each Grandma take him on a date and then we would […]

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Stopping to Smell the Roses, Literally!

The Rose Garden at Hudson Gardens

I love flowers, I love gardening.  Before I had kids, most of my time was spent gardening.  I researched, planned, plotted and planted.  Fast forward 8 years and I have no time to garden, I figure I will be able to do it again once my kids are a little older. Until then, I get […]

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2011 “Not” Back to School Blog Hop!

Sonlight Core 1

Last year while I was gearing up for my first year of Homeschool, I came across a Blog Hop. At the time I had no clue what a Blog Hop was… glad I found out. A blog hop is a place where bloggers with common interests can participate in a theme and submit their blog […]

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Summer Centers

Math Manipulatives

We love centers!  I used them throughout the past school year for all 3 boys.  Some structured some as free-play.  The boys are always happy to pull them out and play with them it is a guaranteed 30 minutes of constructive play. For the Summer I reorganized them, rearranged and grouped different things together to get the […]

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Making Art with Rice

Rice Art

I am always looking for fun ideas the kids.  They love experiments and art.  This Summer, I signed us up for the Activities Challenge at education.com.  They have a sortable list of activities for kids.  Arts & Crafts, Science, Games and Summer Fun are just some of the categories listed.  We have done a few […]

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Review: Best Soup Around! DaKind Soup in Evergreen

DaKind Soups Evergreen

Soup. Really, who doesn’t love soup? I know that our family loves soup! Recently, Groupon offered a deal at DaKind Soups in Evergreen. After checking out their STELLAR reviews on Yelp, Google and Yahoo, I purchased the Groupon. 2. We ventured there after a vacation in Vail. DaKind usually has around 8 soups available daily. […]

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Creamy Chicken Pasta with Green Chiles


Pasta! Who doesn’t love pasta?  Seriously!? With pasta, for me, come so many memories of family occasions, and delicious recipes.  One thing that seems to be everyones favorite is Spaghetti.  I have a fondness for my Mom’s spaghetti, talk about bringing me back to my youth.  Her spaghetti sauce is really meaty, I love it. […]

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The Homeschool Mother’s Journal – Week 10

Oliver at Red Rocks

Thanks to the Homeschool Chick and The Kelley Eight I will now be journaling this fantastically crazy journey we are on.  I am thrilled, excited and thankful! Week #10: In my life this week… Planning.  Planning!  This drives me crazy, I am not a planner. However, I have to submit a Summer work schedule to my boss, […]

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