My Go To, Everyone Loves, Cookie Recipe: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Share Do you love chocolate chips the way I love chocolate chip cookies?  I love them so much that I have tried tons of recipes with variations on ingredients.  Let me tell you that this is the best recipe I have ever come across.  I got it years ago from my favorite recipe site […]

You Can Now Do This at Redbox!

We all love Redbox! Remember when it first came out, it was the coolest thing ever!  No more wandering aimlessly around the video store and then paying  a lot for movie rentals. Not too mention the hoops you had to jump through just to get a movie rental card! I love that you can also […]

Toasted Italian Sub with Meatballs

Everyone in my family loves bread, cheese and meatballs. How could I go wrong with a toasted Italian sub?  I couldn’t and I didn’t. This is amazing and it went FAST!  I needed a quick meal during a busy week and while running through the meat department at my grocery store, I spotted pre-made meatballs. […]

For Fun: Tom Hanks Acts Out All of Movies in One Take!

Recently, Tom Hanks was on with James Corden and they collaborated on this super-fun skit. Enjoy!

Super Yummy Beef Enchiladas

beef enchiladas

Go to recipes > This is one. As I have said before, I cook for picky eaters #MyKids. There are just a handful of meals that every member of my family will eat and one is Beef Enchiladas,  which for all intents and purposes, is really Cheesy Beef Green Chili Enchilada Stacks.  Too long right? […]

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A Fall Family Tradition

In my family, the Fall means more than beautiful trees, colors, apples, pumpkins and cider. It also means it is time for green chiles to come up from Southern Colorado and New Mexico. My mom used to get to actually go pick em with her parents but we just venture down the street to a […]

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chocolate chip cookie dough on a “stick”

We love chocolate chip cookie dough. Now, thanks to Joy the Baker we can eat it on stick, and not worry about Grandma’s warning about raw dough!  Thanks Joy! By the way, you MUST visit her blog, Joy has the best food blog ever! My husband is in love all over again!

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A Mini Candy Buffet for Yummy Fun

As I mentioned in the previous post, my sister-in-law’s baby shower was today.  I made chocolate covered pretzels and then added store bought candy to the table and made what I call a mini candy buffet.  I have seen some amazing candy buffets on the web and was really wanting to try one.  It is […]

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Salty Sweet – Chocolate Covered Pretzels

My sister-in-law is due in December, tomorrow we celebrate with a baby shower.  Her sweet friends are putting the shower on and I asked if I could contribute with a “mini” candy buffet.  I will take pictures and blog about the buffet later.  Tonight I made chocolate covered pretzels.  I looked up some recipes but […]

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Meet Toot Toot

This is Samuel aka Sam Toot or Toot Toot. We love nicknames. Sam has jumped right into the family, he is sweet and spunky! He is a total ham too. He loves to be involved with everything and everyone. He keeps himself busy during school time with the older boys… He loves chocolate… He keeps […]

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Just Goes to Show…

Today was the big day! A few days ago I blogged about my 1st Apple Pie, I wanted to enter a pie contest this weekend. I had planned on making a pie between then and now but my husband went out of town and I became really sick. I didn’t think I would end up […]

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Fun with Lunch – Muffin Tin Inspiration

Lunch.  Lunch can become boring for kids and they become uninterested and picky.  At least that is what has happened to my kiddies.  While browsing blogs I came across 2 really cute blogs FULL of ideas on making fun lunches.  They are: Muffin Tin Mom and Lunch in a Box; Building a Better Bento Inspired by […]

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My First Apple Pie

My first Apple Pie and the 2nd pie I have made in my entire life. Last year I made a crust at my former Mom’s group , I made the Libbys pumpkin pie recipe with it. Did I mention this was a trial run for a Pie Baking Contest I decided to participate in? Recently we […]

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