My Go To, Everyone Loves, Cookie Recipe: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Share Do you love chocolate chips the way I love chocolate chip cookies?  I love them so much that I have tried tons of recipes with variations on ingredients.  Let me tell you that this is the best recipe I have ever come across.  I got it years ago from my favorite recipe site […]

You Can Now Do This at Redbox!

We all love Redbox! Remember when it first came out, it was the coolest thing ever!  No more wandering aimlessly around the video store and then paying  a lot for movie rentals. Not too mention the hoops you had to jump through just to get a movie rental card! I love that you can also […]

Toasted Italian Sub with Meatballs

Everyone in my family loves bread, cheese and meatballs. How could I go wrong with a toasted Italian sub?  I couldn’t and I didn’t. This is amazing and it went FAST!  I needed a quick meal during a busy week and while running through the meat department at my grocery store, I spotted pre-made meatballs. […]

For Fun: Tom Hanks Acts Out All of Movies in One Take!

Recently, Tom Hanks was on with James Corden and they collaborated on this super-fun skit. Enjoy!

Super Yummy Beef Enchiladas

beef enchiladas

Go to recipes > This is one. As I have said before, I cook for picky eaters #MyKids. There are just a handful of meals that every member of my family will eat and one is Beef Enchiladas,  which for all intents and purposes, is really Cheesy Beef Green Chili Enchilada Stacks.  Too long right? […]

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Blogging through the Gospels: Matthew 1

Mom’s Toolbox is an excellent site to get inspired to dig into your Bible and be fed by the Word of God. Amy runs the site and she recently hosted a “Read the Bible in 90 days Challenge”. I did try to keep with the Bible in 90 but I have to say that I […]

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The Homeschool Mothers Journal Week 6

Thanks to the Homeschool Chick and The Kelley Eight I will now be journaling this fantastically crazy journey we are on.  I am thrilled, excited and thankful! Week #6: In my life this week… Back to school after a nice little break to celebrate Spring!  Looking at houses, found one that seems perfect for us.  The only […]

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Wordless Wednesday – Afternoon Tea

I have always fancied the thought of going to have tea but I have never went.  Of course one of the daily deal sites recently offered Afternoon Tea at a 2 for 1 price.  I bought one and thought it would be perfect to take my sister for her birthday.  It was delightful! I have […]

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Party Food!

This past weekend my mother hosted a fantastic birthday party for my sister.  My cousins chipped in and made the food, and it was amazing.  Really, really delicious! The Menu: Grilled Tri Tip Vegetable Salad with dressing Fresh Garden Salad Baked Potato Casserole (Kim’s version :O) Chopped, roasted green chile with garlic and salt I […]

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Mocha Tartlets, Mmmm

I love chocolate! I always tell my kids, if they want candy, chocolate is a better choice then any of the “sugary” candies out there. I love coffee, espresso in mochas to be exact. I love cooking with Pillsbury refrigerated dough products, they are verastile and easy to use. So here we are!  A concoction […]

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Wordless Wednesday

This week I joined a  Wordless Wednesday link up sponsored by My theme this week is food! a yummy treat my hubby made   an iced mocha in the making   delicious crostini toppings

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Super Duper Sweetness

As you may have seen from an earlier post, my son and I went on a date recently.  We had a really great time.  I wanted to share with you, a sweet, intimate moment between the 2 of us.  While at a restaurant I excused myself to use the restroom.  When I came around the […]

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The Homeschool Mothers Journal Week 4

Recently I saw a blog post from a Homeschool mom that I follow.  Sam from The Kelley Eight was excited to start a journaling program.  I have always wanted to journal but just felt overwhelmed with starting from scratch. Thanks to the Homeschool Chick and The Kelley Eight I will now be journaling this fantastically crazy journey […]

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