My Go To, Everyone Loves, Cookie Recipe: Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Share Do you love chocolate chips the way I love chocolate chip cookies?  I love them so much that I have tried tons of recipes with variations on ingredients.  Let me tell you that this is the best recipe I have ever come across.  I got it years ago from my favorite recipe site […]

You Can Now Do This at Redbox!

We all love Redbox! Remember when it first came out, it was the coolest thing ever!  No more wandering aimlessly around the video store and then paying  a lot for movie rentals. Not too mention the hoops you had to jump through just to get a movie rental card! I love that you can also […]

Toasted Italian Sub with Meatballs

Everyone in my family loves bread, cheese and meatballs. How could I go wrong with a toasted Italian sub?  I couldn’t and I didn’t. This is amazing and it went FAST!  I needed a quick meal during a busy week and while running through the meat department at my grocery store, I spotted pre-made meatballs. […]

For Fun: Tom Hanks Acts Out All of Movies in One Take!

Recently, Tom Hanks was on with James Corden and they collaborated on this super-fun skit. Enjoy!

Super Yummy Beef Enchiladas

beef enchiladas

Go to recipes > This is one. As I have said before, I cook for picky eaters #MyKids. There are just a handful of meals that every member of my family will eat and one is Beef Enchiladas,  which for all intents and purposes, is really Cheesy Beef Green Chili Enchilada Stacks.  Too long right? […]

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Christmas Memories

Growing up, Christmas was magical, no denying it. To start the giddy, months-long anticipation, one of my favorite activities was going to my Grandma’s house and going through her huge JC Penney and Sears Catalogs.  I absolutely loved going through every page of the girls clothing and toys. I would circle everything I wanted! It’s […]

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Easy, Sweet and Salty: Pretzels, Kisses and M&M’s

hershey kisses pretzels mms

It’s that time of year! But the truth is, these are a HIT year round!  Time to start making goodies galore, passing out gifts, meeting with friends and enjoying the season of Joy! Who doesn’t love it all?  I always want it to last even longer! Lights, hot drinks, games, laughs, love and time well […]

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Giving Thanks

So many wonderful things about the Fall but the one that causes us to pause, be reflective and spend time with loved ones is the best. Thanksgiving brings up so many warm and fuzzy feelings. I love it, it is so necessary to stop and reflect and be thankful to God for everything He has […]

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“Tie-Dye” Cupcakes

tie dye cupcakes

Recently I made a Rainbow layer cake for my son’s birthday.   I had a box of cake mix leftover and thought I would try making a cupcake version of this cake. I made the White Cake Mix and then divided it into 4 bowls, I dyed each bowl and then scooped spoonfuls into muffins cups. I baked for 15 minutes […]

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Trampoline Safety: Adding Pool Noodles to the Springs

trampoline pool noodles

The trampoline is the ultimate kids fun plaything! When we picked one up on Craigslist, it was free and … old. Meaning, it doesn’t have the fancy net, padding or ladder that you see on all the new tramps.  How to make it safer?  Pool noodles! You can use pool noodles to cover the springs […]

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Skillet S’mores

Cast Iron Skillet Smores

Skillet S’mores are all over the interwebs this summer.  Who likes waiting until you go camping to cook them up?  In my city, fire pits are not allowed so that is not an option. What to do? Microwave ones just aren’t the same. So glad when this idea came around! I googled Skillet S’mores and […]

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Time for the Summer Bucket List

It is that time of year! Let down your hair, or in my case, put your hair in a perpetual messy bun and don’t worry too much about it. Picnics, playgrounds, trips, friends, ice cream, watermelon, late dinners, bright evenings, I LOVE SUMMER. It is the best time for families to let loose and dig […]

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Becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant

Jamberry Consultant kit (2)

I am so excited about this new endeavor!  I was not even looking to sell anything, but I love this product so much that I am now selling it.  I can earn products, marketing materials and a great commission! The product I am talking about is Jamberry nails.  I had a friend start selling them […]

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