A Yummy, Healthy, Fruit Smoothie

Ever since I got my Ninja I have been promising the boys a fruit smoothie.  The week before I had picked up some frozen strawberries and blueberries.  I went to work.  I wish we had bananas though, I love bananas in smoothies. It was yummy, the boys ate it right up.  I especially liked the whipped […]

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Another Hit from Allrecipes.com

My husband has been asking for a pasta casserole for a long time and so this past Friday, I decided to cook up a yummy casserole for my Dearest. I went straight to Allrecipes.com as usual, love that site. Used Ingredient Search for:  Spinach,  Pasta, Cheese I decided on Cheryl’s Spinach Cheesy Pasta, which has […]

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A Nostalgic Lunch

What to do for lunch? That question is the question I battle with almost daily. I never want to get boring or bland with the lunches I make for my little guys. I partake in Muffin Tin Mondays sometimes, which is fun. You arrange all kinds of yummy food in muffin tins, kids love it. […]

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Quick, Low-Cost, Yummy Dinner

Yesterday marked day 3 of being at home. We ran out of a lot of things in our kitchen. I wanted to throw something warm and comforting together. I also spent most of the afternoon reorganizing so when dinner time came let’s just say I didn’t have a lot of time or energy. I went […]

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A Delicious Gift from God

What’s not to love about avocados? They might be the most delicious super-food in the world. Healthy snacks that my kids like are sometimes hard to come up with.  One thing that has proved to be a favorite is avocados. Avocados, like many fruits and vegetables, amaze me. That you can walk up to a […]

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Sweet & Tart Meyer Lemons are in Season!

Strolling through Whole Foods is a treat because the produce and cheese departments are beautiful! Recently while walking around admiring it all, I came across a bag of Meyer Lemons. I was excited to see them because I had recently heard about them on Top Chef. I have always been interested in the difference between […]

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Birthday Cake, a Delicious “Doctored Up” Cake Mix Cake

My husband loves chocolate and I love my husband. Wasn’t it only natural that I would set out to find the most chocolatey cake ever?  I started out on my search and eventually found the one I had to try. It was amazing, delicious, moist, a chocolate lovers dream come true… on a plate… with […]

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Delicious Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins – Ahh the Comforts of Fall

Moist, spicy, warming, chocolaty, the perfect Fall recipe.  Great to have around, give out and include them when sending care packages to loved ones.  I headed over to allrecipes.com, this recipe has 5 (out of 5) stars from almost 4,000 people – you can’t beat that! The recipe is called Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread it is supposed […]

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