Vanilla Snow Shakes

Vanilla, Snow, Milk, Sugar

This past Wednesday we had our first snowfall, this called for celebration! My boys love the snow and they were so excited to be getting a storm. They woke early Wednesday to peak outside… I have never seen them get dressed and ready so fast, they bundled up and headed out. Talk of the coming […]

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Creamy Chicken Pasta with Green Chiles


Pasta! Who doesn’t love pasta?  Seriously!? With pasta, for me, come so many memories of family occasions, and delicious recipes.  One thing that seems to be everyones favorite is Spaghetti.  I have a fondness for my Mom’s spaghetti, talk about bringing me back to my youth.  Her spaghetti sauce is really meaty, I love it. […]

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A Delicious, Light and Yummy Cake!

pineapple cake

My mom makes the most delicious pineapple cake.  It is my sister’s favorite and has quickly gained more followers as I have started making it.  I never attempted to make it because I assumed my mom always slaved over it.  Seemed complex.  I don’t do cakes often.   But I wanted to know how to make it. […]

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The perfect amount of sweetness. I love scones, love them! I love cinnamon scones, blueberry scones, citrus scones, and “fancy” scones. I call the authentic circular ones tops with jam and cream the “fancy” ones. Recently I went to Afternoon Tea and picked up a bag of scone mix.  The first batch I topped with […]

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A Rainbow Layer Cake

My middle boy, my sweet, sweet Oliver had his 5th birthday party.  When planning his party I came across a blog post on How to Make a Rainbow Layer Cake she was inspired by this post and this post both on Rainbow Cakes. I was so happy because Oliver loves rainbows!  I also wanted to […]

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Slow Cooker BBQ Brisket

I have always dreamed of making a yummy, fall-apart-it’s-so-tender, BBQ brisket. Honestly, though I was always intimidated. It just seemed like a process that I could not take the time to do. Some people spend years perfecting their brisket, right? Well recently my husband found out that one of our favorite football players, Terrell Davis, […]

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Party Food!

This past weekend my mother hosted a fantastic birthday party for my sister.  My cousins chipped in and made the food, and it was amazing.  Really, really delicious! The Menu: Grilled Tri Tip Vegetable Salad with dressing Fresh Garden Salad Baked Potato Casserole (Kim’s version :O) Chopped, roasted green chile with garlic and salt I […]

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Mocha Tartlets, Mmmm

I love chocolate! I always tell my kids, if they want candy, chocolate is a better choice then any of the “sugary” candies out there. I love coffee, espresso in mochas to be exact. I love cooking with Pillsbury refrigerated dough products, they are verastile and easy to use. So here we are!  A concoction […]

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