Delicious White Sandwich Bread Recipe

homemade sandwich bread

Stop the presses! This bread is delicious…and it’s easy to make! I admit, we only buy whole wheat bread from the store but I don’t buy wheat flour. When I make homemade bread it’s always artisan bread, never a loaf. Well, the time came that I needed sandwich bread for lunch and realized we were […]

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Share Do you love chocolate chips the way I love chocolate chip cookies?  I love them so much that I have tried tons of recipes with variations on ingredients.  Let me tell you that this is the best recipe I have ever come across.  I got it years ago from my favorite recipe site […]

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Try This Orange Chicken Recipe


Can you believe I grew up never, ever eating Chinese food?  In my twenties, a friend took me to a Chinese restaurant and I order sweet and sour chicken.  It was delicious, unlike anything I had ever eaten.  Paired with egg fried rice?  Hello, yummy, I was sold.  Over the following years I acquired a […]

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Chili Cheese Eggs

Share YUM. I must start this post off by telling you how totally in love I am with green chiles, you know the kind, especially if you are from Colorado or New Mexico. These are special green chiles and come from New Mexico and Southern Colorado. They come in varieties like Pueblo, Dynamite, Hatch, Pueblo […]

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Kids Quick and Easy Homemade Pizzas

homemade pizza

Ever in a pinch for dinner, had a busy day and not sure what to make in hurry? My husband stopped at the store on his way home from work after he knew I had a very busy day.  I told him to decide what we would have that night. He came up with an idea […]

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Green Chili Chicken Burritos


Ooooooooo do I have say anything more?  Yes?  Well ok.  These are to-die-for Smothered Chicken Burritos made with Green Chili from fresh roasted Hatch green chili’s.  We usually eat bean burritos, the tradition passed down from my Mom.  Recently, my Husband asked me to make chicken ones.  No problem, sounded good to me, I used my […]

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Fresh Roasted Hatch Green Chili, a Family Staple

Our favorite Hatch green chili and Pueblo green chili stand. It is that time of year again!  Every August we buy bushels of fresh roasted Hatch Green Chili’s and Pueblo Green Chili’s.  Oh, and you can have fresh garlic added to your green chili batch when they roast it too! We freeze the chili’s for year […]

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Homemade Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate Milk

We love to use chocolate sauce in house, whether it is for chocolate milk or ice cream sundaes, we go through it way too quickly.  Pinterest is the source of my latest inspiration, of course.  The thought of making my own was appealing because there are like 4 ingredients  that go into it. No extra “junk”.  While looking […]

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