Our Trip to The Shoppe

The Shoppe Denver

After our exciting field trip to the United States Mint we wanted to take the boys some place fun to eat.  So that is what I googled “fun places to eat in Denver”.  BINGO, one of the first results was for The Shoppe, a cupcake and cereal eatery!  I have always wanted to go to […]

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Denver Mint Field Trip


Today we went to Downtown Denver and took a tour of the Denver Mint.  We went for two reasons, homeschool and Cub Scouts.  We are learning about money in Homeschool and my oldest is in Cub Scouts, their assignment is to start and display a coin collection.  He decided to collect State Quarters.  So, I thought […]

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A Field Trip to the Denver Zoo

Lion Zoo

A Field Trip to the Denver Zoo Thanks to Groupon we were able to spend 5 wonderful hours at the  Zoo.  We went in late November. It was chilly that morning but I checked the weather and it promised to be warm.  It ended up being about 57 degrees, for a Coloradan(oan?) that is practically […]

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Vanilla Snow Shakes

Vanilla, Snow, Milk, Sugar

This past Wednesday we had our first snowfall, this called for celebration! My boys love the snow and they were so excited to be getting a storm. They woke early Wednesday to peak outside… I have never seen them get dressed and ready so fast, they bundled up and headed out. Talk of the coming […]

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Adventures in My Father’s World Week 2 -Jesus Suncatcher

Jesus suncatcher

We are loving Adventures in My Fathers World.  The Bible portion starts with Jesus, His birth, on to when he starts preaching.  We are also learning the different names of Jesus.  During week 2 we got to make a Jesus suncatcher.  The was fun and easy.  This final result is pretty! You need Wax Paper, […]

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Our Classroom for a Perfect Autumn Day

Perfect Autumn Day

A couple of Fridays ago we took class outdoors, what a breath of fresh air!  It was amazing, fantastic, refreshing and down right FUN! We love going to Hudson Gardens, several acres of God’s beautiful creation!  We searched for leaves, watched ducks and geese, chased butterflies and bugs, tumbled in the grass and climbed a […]

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Kick-Off: Let Fall School Projects Begin

Leaf Kit - Science activity

Love this time of year!  Who doesn’t, really?  I think I write about it every year, unlike the other seasons.  Just something about the Fall.  It officially starts today, yay!  Thought we would kick off the many, many Fall activities we will be doing this season, so excited!  We started by doing a leaf study. […]

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Adventures in My Fathers World Wk.2, Columbus’ Ships

Columbus Santa Maria, Pinta, Nina

We are using Adventures in My Fathers World for our school year. I have a 2nd Grader, Kindergartner, and Preschooler;  so far it is working very well. We started off the year by learning about Leif Ericson and Christopher Columbus. The boys have been fascinated. We used a wall map and a globe to trace the […]

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