My Weight Loss Story – Goodbye 27 pounds!

I lost 27 lbs!

Officially, as of today, I have lost 27 pounds since the beginning of February!  I am so thrilled and not only with the pounds lost but, the inches lost is even more remarkable.  If you are reading this and you want to lose weight and get healthy, START NOW! O, how I wish I would […]

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Making Your Home a Haven – Women Living Well

A few years ago I came across video from a homeschool Mom, she had videos on homeschooling, also songs for preschoolers.  It was a great help when starting out in the homeschool world.  I started following her on Facebook and she now has thousands of fans.  She posts Bible Studies, Devotionals and challenges.  The blog […]

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The Homeschool Mother’s Journal Week 1

Recently I saw a blog post from a Homeschool mom that I follow.  Sam from The Kelley Eight was excited to start a journaling program.  I have always wanted to journal but just felt overwhelmed with starting from scratch. The cool thing about this journal program is that it has questions for you, that you […]

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Reflecting Back and Looking Forward: Family Vacations

What other word can bring a smile across your face faster than the  word Vacation? Awwee just saying it conjures up such warm, happy  feelings. As a child we always took a family trip in the Summer. Most of the  time it was driving to Las Vegas and then on to Los Angeles and San […]

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A Challenge I am Ready for

Ever since I started Homeschooling or researching it, for that matter, I have found really good blogs written by other Moms. Recently, I noticed a few of them began talking about a challenge they were about to begin on. *Flash Forward* Just the other night I was telling my friends that I am starving for […]

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Considering the Year to Come

Yep, it is that time.  You would think January 1st would be a good marker, but really?  Is anyone ready on the first day of the year?  The second?  I am not.  But today, today is different.  It is “go time”.  So much to think about for the coming year.  Homeschool wise it is plans, […]

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Just Goes to Show…

Today was the big day! A few days ago I blogged about my 1st Apple Pie, I wanted to enter a pie contest this weekend. I had planned on making a pie between then and now but my husband went out of town and I became really sick. I didn’t think I would end up […]

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Starting Traditions – Family Night

Before I became a mother and I suppose even for a couple of years after I became a mother I was extremely adverse to traditions, I just didn’t care for the conventional way of doing things.  However, after having more children and building our family I am warming up to the thought of traditions. Traditions […]

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