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4th of July Parade

On the Move

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays.  Not only because of all the fun and food involved, but because of the significance of celebrating what America was founded on, the principles, the ideas. I am thankful to God that we have the freedom that some do not.  I am thankful that we can openly worship […]

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Making Art with Rice

Rice Art

I am always looking for fun ideas the kids.  They love experiments and art.  This Summer, I signed us up for the Activities Challenge at education.com.  They have a sortable list of activities for kids.  Arts & Crafts, Science, Games and Summer Fun are just some of the categories listed.  We have done a few […]

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Jesus on Worry

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On Persevering

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My Top 10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms

Before I had children I must admit I had NO clue how much parenting changes your entire life.  Nothing is the same.   Gone are the days of leaving the house in a flash, it takes us a good 10 minutes to get everyone and everything ready.  Shoes, socks, arguments about socks, books, crayons, legos, […]

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Review: Best Soup Around! DaKind Soup in Evergreen

DaKind Soups Evergreen

Soup. Really, who doesn’t love soup? I know that our family loves soup! Recently, Groupon offered a deal at DaKind Soups in Evergreen. After checking out their STELLAR reviews on Yelp, Google and Yahoo, I purchased the Groupon. 2. We ventured there after a vacation in Vail. DaKind usually has around 8 soups available daily. […]

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A Tribute to a Free Spirit

Have you ever known someone in your life who wasn’t hung up on all the trappings that most of us are?  Have you ever known someone who is genuine, someone who is real, who is easy to be around? On Saturday, we lost my brother in law in a car accident.  I am at a […]

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A Glimpse of Summer

sand angels

Wow, we have had some terrible weather!  May has been so rainy.  However, we have had some gorgeous days shine through here and there. Some pictures to share, my glimpses of  summer, cannot wait for this summer!!  We have so many plans, yet I plan on keeping it simple too, days wide open to anything […]

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