Toasted Italian Sub with Meatballs

Everyone in my family loves bread, cheese and meatballs. How could I go wrong with a toasted Italian sub?  I couldn’t and I didn’t. This is amazing and it went FAST!  I needed a quick meal during a busy week and while running through the meat department at my grocery store, I spotted pre-made meatballs. I have never bought them before, always make them myself. However, time crunch! I was game. Grabbed a loaf of fresh baked French bread, a jar of sauce and some Parm Romano. Voila.

Toasted Sub with Meatballs

These meatballs cook in 15 minutes. Just pop them in a saucepan with your favorite sauce and they are done when tender throughout. I sliced the loaf of bread so that I had an entire bottom piece and a top one.  After that I scooped the meatballs out with a ladle and spread them all over the lower part of the sub. What would a toasted Italian sub be without cheese. I picked up a five-cheese Italian. I used 2 cups on the sub.  Bake open for 7 mins at 375, then bake with the top on for another 5 or to desired toasty-ness (my word).

When it is done I cut it into individual servings…

Toasted Sub with Meatballs

My family are connoisseurs of meatballs and they gobbled these up right away.  This is a darn good sub! The meatballs are tasty with a nice texture, the cheese is all melted and gooey and the sauce is perfect.  My husband is begging me to make this with my homemade  sauce, bread and meatballs. I think I really need to do it. Fine, twist my arm!

This was a great quick go-to and I highly recommend it.  Stay tuned for my homemade meatballs recipe. Who knows, maybe my super delicious, secret sauce recipe too.

Bookmark this and remember it!  Total cost:  $12 for family of 5, not bad.

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