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Growing up, Christmas was magical, no denying it. To start the giddy, months-long anticipation, one of my favorite activities was going to my Grandma’s house and going through her huge JC Penney and Sears Catalogs.  I absolutely loved going through every page of the girls clothing and toys. I would circle everything I wanted! It’s funny to think that as time went on, each year I would limit myself more and more. One year, I could only circle two things on each page, then I did it, I made myself choose only 1 thing from each page. So funny to recall.

I remember going to the mall with the entire family, splitting up at times to shop for each other. We would see movies, play in the arcade and grab some food. Such good memories. Stores would be decorated to the hilt along with the corridors of malls, the big stores still put up huge window displays back then. I remember there would always be a school choir singing in the middle courtyard too.

My parents would buy us several smaller gifts, clothes and then they would always have one huge present from Santa. The big presents were always out and assembled by the tree Christmas morning. I loved walking out to that! One year I got a Holly Hobbie Play Kitchen, HH Lunchbox and HH Colorforms!

Found some pictures, you have to love the internet! How cool is it that we can see pictures of toys from our past?

holly hobbie kitchen

photos courtesy of eBay

holly hobbie lunchbox

holly hobbie colorforms

Another year it was a yellow banana seat bike with handle bars strings and everything!

yellow banana seat bike

Here is a picture I found courtesy of Pinterest

I loved that bike! Then I left it out in the driveway overnight and someone stole it! A lesson my kids hear about often!


Christmas Eve was always spent at my Uncle’s house, then Christmas Day was split between the two sets of Grandparents. It’s interesting, I just realized this tradition still lives on in my own family now.  Christmas Eve always involved traditional New Mexican Spanish fare. It is a night filled with family recipes passed down from generation to generation. Carne Adovada, Frijoles con Chicos, Tortillas, Sopapillas, Pork Green Chili, Posole and more!  Christmas day was always about traditional American fare, ham, roast, potatoes, veggies and pies. I remember my dad’s mom used to always put out the most beautiful ribbon candy.  I haven’t seen that yummy delicacy in years.

ribbon candy

I am very grateful for the precious memories I have and I pray that I am giving my children special memories to hold onto and to bring to mind each Christmas Season.  Our Christmas’ of late have been about celebrating the true reason for the season, Jesus.  His birth was the hope of God coming down, in the flesh, the only king to truly humble himself. It is my prayer also that my children carry on that tradition with their families. Pausing, praising, worshiping and thanking God for all we have and all He has done.


2015 Christmas Tree


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