Trampoline Safety: Adding Pool Noodles to the Springs

The trampoline is the ultimate kids fun plaything! When we picked one up on Craigslist, it was free and … old. Meaning, it doesn’t have the fancy net, padding or ladder that you see on all the new tramps.  How to make it safer?  Pool noodles!

You can use pool noodles to cover the springs and that helps a ton when trying to keep the kiddies safe.

Pool Noodles on Trampoline

It was really quite simple for me and my husband did the dirty work 🙂

I used about 20 pool noodles and cut them into 7.5″ sections.  I was going to then slice them horizontally so they could slide on. However, I changed my mind after considering the fact we have 3 boys that would love to pop them off for whatever-reason.  We kept them whole and just slide them on each spring. Ouila, safe, cute and soft!

I used noodles from the dollar store so this cost me roughly $20, not bad for the hours of entertainment it provides. Not to mention the fact that it is the only thing besides swimming that truly wears them out.

I also like to jump and I have such fond memories of sleep outs, jumping and just gazing into the sky, I loved doing that so much. Day or night.

Next we need to figure out how to make them obey the 1 person at a time rule.  Hmmm….

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