Becoming a Jamberry Independent Consultant

Jamberry Independent Consultant

I am so excited about this new endeavor!  I was not even looking to sell anything, but I love this product so much that I am now selling it.  I can earn products, marketing materials and a great commission!

The product I am talking about is Jamberry nails.  I had a friend start selling them this past Fall and she sent me a sample.  I loved them! I am a tomboy of sorts and I have three boys, so I am always tough on my hands while keeping up with them.  I love to get manicures and quite frankly, I hardly ever could, even at this age paint my nails, they always looked a mess.  Manicures, like I said are great, but the cost adds up.

Jamberry Mermaid Tales

What do I first notice about Jamberry?  How pretty they are!  Next, they were pretty easy to apply after a few tries.  Last, they last so much longer than a polish job.

Mothers Day Special

I wanted a way to pay for my Jamberry’s and being a stay at home, we are on a budget. This is the perfect solution!  I am also a nail picker, with these on, my cuticles look amazing, I don’t pick at all.

My consultant kit showed up two days after I signed up and I am hitting the ground running.  It is so important to have a good sponsor.  Mine is my friend and she is a wealth of information.  She did a training session with me over the phone, it was great to get me started!

Jamberry Consultant kit (2)

Jamberry Kit

I have setup a great store webpage that is provided by Jamberry, I will also be setting up a blog, a twitter and I already setup my webisite/blog.

Are you interested in purchasing Jamberry, hosting a party or becoming an independent consultant?  Contact me: to learn more!

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