My Weight Loss Journey – Slowly but Surely


My new theme: Slow and Steady wins the race.

Since I started this journey, I have hit a wall of sorts. I have been losing a 1/2 pound per week for 4 weeks now. Frustrating to me but ultimately I know that losing it slowly will result in it staying off. I also need to consider that I have been strength training and building muscle.  MOST importantly, however, is discipline.

I have thought about it and ultimately it was a few factors that have led to the slow down in weight loss recently.

1.  Illness – Our family went through a round of a nasty colds and it put me out of commission.  I did not work out for 5 days straight, that killed me.  I was so afraid of getting out of the swing of things… and then I did.

2.  Parties – Tis the season of parties.  I had 3 parties and a dinner out. At the parties I scooped up the potato salad, pasta salad, chips, even soda pop! I was remorseful later but at the time I kept telling myself that it was a party and to enjoy myself. I need to remember that enjoying myself should not be predicated on eating. Will need tons of self-discipline for this Summer season. There is always fruit. I need to stick to that and to lean protein only. Nothing else is needed, at least for me.

3.  Temptation – This can go along with #2 but I am specifically talking about having  junk food in my house.  There is no need. Yet, this past weekend we ended up with soda, candy, chips and donuts. The good stuff…right? Wrong! We really did have it all. And yep, I really ate some of it all. Bad idea. The solution for now: NO junk food in the house! My kids do not need it, my husband doesn’t need it, and I certainly do not need it.

I am back 100% starting yesterday, even had a great workout. Drinking lots of water with lemon and lime today, will eat light and have another great workout tonight.  Onward!  Looking forward to the 30 pound mark, only 1 pound to go!

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