Weight Loss Success – No more Fast Food or Restaurants

I have lost 20 POUNDS SO FAR!!

I thought it was time for a before and after picture! I am at only 20% of my goal, but to me, I can’t believe it! I never thought I could do it!! I didn’t really take a formal “Before” picture but I found one taken close to the start of my new lifestyle.

Weight Loss Before and After pictures

Funny thing is… I lost most of it in my rear, which is great! No more shelf!! Most people I see say something after I go to walk away from them. I keep hearing “Wow, now I can really tell”, lol.  Seriously though, looking at the picture on the left makes me disgusted and ashamed. I am so glad that I am finally changing! I can’t wait to buy cute clothes!

One HUGE eye-opener for me was fast food and restaurant food. Now, of course I have always known that Fast Food was not healthy but I truly didn’t realize the extent of it. Truly too,  restaurant food is not better. Even those who tout a “healthy, low-cal or low-fat foods, their numbers are just double what you should have for a meal.

Admittedly, grabbing some drive-thru can be so very convenient when you are on the go and have kids to think about.  But really, what I realized, I can run into the grocery store grab fresh fruit, yogurt and bottled water for the same price.  They even offer cube cheese with apples slices and other types of healthy snacks in the deli area.  Sometimes I will grab my boys a veggie tray and they devour it.  Fruit trays, no problem, they go in a flash. My first thought is the price is so much more, but really it isn’t. Plus the nutritional values difference is unmistakable.

Or you can make the same food at home for just about half the calories.

Did You Know that new smothered burrito from Taco Bell has 700 calories, 35 grams of fat, 2260 mg of sodium, and 68 carbs???!!?!!?  Can you even believe it? The steak nachos have 1190 calories, 60 grams of fat and 117 carbs!!! Yes they are the most fattening items on the menu but I wanted to show you because I was shocked.

More examples come from McDonalds. Of course we have all heard how incredibly horrible the Big Mac is, right? It comes in at 550 calories, 29 grams of fat, 46 carbs, 25 g. protein. Now look at this: the SW Crispy Chicken McWrap is a whopping 670 calories, 33 grams of fat, 67 carbs!!!?? Shocking! Even the grilled version is 510 cals, 30 grams of fat and 53 carbs. So don’t be fooled thinking wraps are better.

I am not just picking on those two big name fast food chains either, let me be clear, all fast food should be avoided. In my, opinion, restaurant food too.

This has all been an eye opener. Like I said, of course we all know fast food is bad for you, but I did not realize the reality until I started reading the nutritional information. This goes for everything in the grocery too. Check them all! Don’t forget to take serving size in to account. ONE GREAT place for a calorie counter is MyFitnessPal. They make looking up nutritional info for all food, grocery and restaurant easy. You can also track all your meals, calories, food intake, etc.

One more tip – chips are still a weakness of mine, tortilla chips to be exact.  Something interesting I learned in my quest to find a healthy chip – there really are no healthy chips, like none. 🙁

BUT I still allow for a few in my weekly menu.  Important note – Tostitos Original are DOUBLE the calories and carbs as regular as classic yellow Doritos – which I think taste better anyway. I was kind of shocked to learn of it. If you compare the backs, the info looks the same but the serving size is double on the Doritos.

In all reality, I need to cut chips out. Any good alternatives that you know of?

Hope you are joining me in this quest for weight loss success! Stay tuned…

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