Weight Loss Journey – 1 pound away from 25 pounds Lost!

WoW again and again!

Who would have thought that I could have lost 24 pounds already? Not me!

I love the way I feel and I love the way my clothes fit!  My wardrobe is already growing since I am able to pull out clothes that didn’t fit anymore.  I am down 1 jean size and almost another because they are basically falling off. It’s incredible! What a feeling. The ultimate goal is far away but I am please with how far I’ve gotten. There is no stopping now.

What have I learned this week? That there actually is a “right time” to weigh yourself!

Let me tell you a little story…

I joined a weight loss contest among friends and we post our weight each week on a private Facebook page. I have been weighing myself on Thursdays because that is the day of the week that I weighed in on that very depressing day back in February. I have also been weighing myself at night because I use the scale at the gym and we work out, as a family, in the evening.

Last week I weighed myself before leaving the gym and I was so depressed to see I only lost 1 pound, it felt like more. I came home and posted my weight on our FB page.  The ladies were wondering why I posted early because they all post on Friday morning.  They told me it is way better to weigh yourself in the morning. I decided to get up early the next morning and run to the gym. Sure enough I had lost 3 pounds!  Isn’t that amazing? The trainer at the gym also told me that your morning weight is your “true weight”.

Needless to say, from now on, I will be running to the gym on Friday mornings.

Even though this week saw only 1 pound gone, I feel slimmer in my clothes. I have been doing strength training in addition to cardio, and since muscle weighs more than fat I think I am gaining muscle.

Join me! It is never too late to change your life!

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