Weight Loss Week 3 – The Importance of a Good Gym

Woohoo and Yeehaw! I lost 5 pounds this week!! I feel great, have more energy and I am getting into the groove of working out.

I am thrilled at this new lifestyle! I have more energy, my mood is better, I sleep better.

One huge factor in this process has been our new gym membership. My husband and I joined a local Gym that is suitable for the entire family. We had initially joined a local rec center but that proved to be a bad option. There was literally nothing for my kids to do, which is ironic for a recreation center. Thankfully, a friend recommended a local Gym so we went and took the tour.

Stationary Bikes

I was blown away at this place. They have everything you need and more! It is 2 levels, tons of square footage, an indoor pool, tanning, sauna, steam, the list goes on and on. The best and MOST important part – there is an entire children’s workout area! My children love it! They have circuit machines, treadmills, a climbing wall, Dance Revolution and Wii Sports on a big screen. The “coaches” lead children through stretches and they even lecture on healthy eating and taking care of your body. It is fantastic! Here is a video and it is already 7 years old, the room is even cooler now!

I did have one friend warn me about this Gym being a meat market and gym rat hangout but my first thought is:  I don’t care who is there or what they look like I am there to work on ME, period. The cool thing is…. it’s not like that at all. There are people from all walks of life and all levels of fitness.

This gym also offers over 100 classes a week and they are always packed. I want to try them, they sound like a blast but my worry at this point… I wouldn’t be able to keep up or last. I want to go to the Senior classes first, lol. I figure in 2 months I will be ready to join the classes. I would like to get in better shape and work on flexibility and endurance.

I have been doing 4 miles on the bike and half mile to a mile on the treadmill.  I set it at Incline 3 and speed 3.  I  plan on bumping it up every couple of weeks or so. I am also doing strength training with the guidance of my husband, he helped me put together a routine.

My husband has always been an exerciser so he is thrilled at all of this!  We go every night when Dad comes home from work.  We come home and have power smoothies and a light dinner.  It’s been great.

Ready to join me in a new lifestyle journey? Would love to hear your weight loss stories too!


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