Summer-in-Winter Party

Summer in Winter Party

This past weekend, with several storms looming over most of the country, it was cold and snowy.  While the country was bracing itself for it all we were getting dressed up in shorts, tshirts and sandals.

Crazy?  Nope!  Just a Summer-in-Winter party my very good friend puts on every year.  Everyone was encouraged to wear summer clothes.  The kids thought we were crazy at first!

We started off the evening with summer related words taped to our backs, we then had so ask questions and try to guess what the word was.  A good ice breaker.

Then we had a obstacle course of sorts and teamed up in pairs, 1 child + 1 adult.

The events included:

  • ring toss
  • egg on a spoon
  • spooning water into a cup
  • a ping pong toss

It was so much fun, I was teamed up with my 4 year old!  He did really good!

After that we gathered and everyone was asked to put 3 pieces of bubble gum into their mouths, chew until soft and then pull it out and sculpt something.

Ewweee!  It was funny but ooeey-gooey.  Here are some of the results:

bubble gum art

On to the food.  Is there another better than yummy summer party food?

Grilled hot dogs, potato salad, baked beans, fresh fruit, pico de gallo and chips.
summer food

strawberries and pineapple
grillin hot dogs

We had a great time and look forward to next year!  I think the snow storm we had made it that much more fun!

We even had to turn off the fireplace because we were so hot from playing games!

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