The Beginning of My Weight Loss Journey

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This is it!  I can really feel it this time.  It’s different than ever before.  Recently I began the long, rewarding weight loss journey of heading to a healthy lifestyle.


A couple of weeks ago my Mom emailed me to offer up a weight loss challenge. She offered me money to lose weight!

The challenge specifics:  “I will pay you $5.00 a pound.  If you continuously lose weight from now until May, I will up it to $10 per pound.”

Wow!  Ok so honestly the first thought that popped into my head was ‘I must really be bad if my mom is willing to pay me so much to lose’.  I was sad but the reality was, I needed to start a change.  She was concerned about my health, I have 3 boys to think about being around for.

I decided to accept the challenge.  I needed to go weigh myself since I have never owned a scale.  I went into to the neighborhood rec center and they let me use their scale.

Can I just say that I was seriously shocked about how much I weighed?  I know that might sound crazy but I really did not realize how out of hand it had become.  The last time I weighed my self was with my last pregnancy, six years ago.

Reality strikes.  It was time to change forever.  I was ready too, just so very ready.

I didn’t want to blog about it at all at first because I was afraid I would fail, it seemed overwhelming.  The amount of weight I wanted to lose seemed like an impossibility, I felt too far gone.

Yet, I went for it anyway, I took the first step and then second and third.

Like I keep saying it’s different somehow.  I know I won’t fail.  I want this.  I will succeed.

Follow me on my journey.  Join me!

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