A Sweet Visit to Enstroms Candy

For years my Uncle Pete gave us the most delicious toffee I have ever had in my life, still to this day. It is downright addicting. It comes in a fancy brown box with a pretty beige lid, it must be kept refrigerated and let me tell you, it is nothing short of amazing.

Enstroms Chocolates
This toffee is made here locally, in Denver, although the toffee is world famous. It is Enstroms and their Almond Toffee is the best! They have been in the business since 1929. We took the kids their for a super-duper treat. They found it to be mesmerizing. My dear husband bought a cute little box of toffee just for me. The boys had other ideas…

Preston picked out a chocolate race car…

Enstroms Chocolate Car

You can see in the background that Oliver went for Swedish Fish?!   Who’s child is this?  I have tried to share this philosophy with my boys – ‘if you are going to eat candy, make it chocolate’, right?!?


And now for the best toffee ever:Enstroms_toffee

Kept refrigerated and fresh!

Enstroms Toffee


Thanks Enstroms for a fun, delicious visit!

The boys thought it was a very special treat!

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