Fun Christmas Countdown Project

Christmas Countdown

There is nothing like this time of year. Carols, cookies, friends, families, lights, and JESUS! My friend and I wanted to do something fun for the little ones to countdown to Christmas. We decided on little wrapped presents each marked with a day # representing how many days left until Christmas. Our countdown began December 1st so I had my kids start with 24 so they would know how many days until Christmas.

Supplies Needed:
Toilet paper rolls (12, cut in half to make 24)

Tissue paper cut into 7×4 rectangles

Pipe cleaner to close ends (approx.  4″)

Avery Circle printer labels (optional)

24 Fun, inexpensive gifts (see list)  We purchased ours from three different stores – the Dollar Tree, Walmart and Mardel.  We only purchased multipacks, nothing individual.

We spent somewhere around $30 for 6 kids total, not bad!

Countdown to Christmas 123

Wrap the roll in the tissue paper, tie one end with a pipe cleaner, insert prize, tie the other end, add # sticker.

Christmas Countdown Project

We displayed them in a big basket, each night when we do Advent we let the kids open their prizes.


Start now!  Your kids will love it!

FULL LIST of goodies:

1.  A Christmas Stamp

2.  Drum Ornament

3.  Jingle Bell Ornament

4. Gumball

5.  Jesus tattoo

6.  Noahs Ark eraser

7.  Christmas eraser

8.  Mini YoYo

9. Sticker

10.  Mini- Bubbles

11. Christmas Wristband

12. Christmas Ring

13.  Jeweled Ring

14.  Snake

15.  Jelly Frogs

16.  Mini games

17.  Bouncy Balls

18.  Chocolate

19.  Mini – Slinky

20.  Glow in the Dark flower

21.  Avengers necklace

We doubled up on a couple to finish.

Enjoy this Christmas, spend some time each night talking about the arrival of our Savior!  Merry Christmas!


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