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Making Your Home a Haven

A few years ago I came across video from a homeschool Mom, she had videos on homeschooling, also songs for preschoolers.  It was a great help when starting out in the homeschool world.  I started following her on Facebook and she now has thousands of fans.  She posts Bible Studies, Devotionals and challenges.  The blog is called Women Living Well.

This past Summer she posted a marriage challenge.  Each week she posted inspirational and motivational articles that were geared at strengthening your marriage.  What a refreshing topic too, to delight in your husband and to love and cherish him.  I was hooked.  This Fall she has posted a brand new challenge and the title alone got me!

“Making Your Home a Haven” was another blessing from this Godly woman I have come to consider a mentor of sorts.  Check this challenge out!  Especially now, in the midst of Fall.  When all the schedules fill up with sports, activities, festivals, school, you name it.  This is a great way to start the Fall off intentionally.  Starting off with a goal of serenity and peace for you and your family.  How can you go wrong?  Join me!

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