Homemade Slime for Kids

Homemade Slime!! Of course one the funnest things to make and learn about matter and polymers.  I had put this off for a very long time because I didn’t have Borax.  I decided that it was time to get some, our Summer is running out and we need something fun and different to do.

Besides I already knew that the boys would love it because they always asked to buy slime, goop, mars mud, gak, you name it they have asked.  I found this recipe on Steve Spanglers site, a site we love and frequent often.

Kids Homemade Slime



Warm Water

Elmer’s Glue

Food Coloring (optional)

Homemade Slime2I tripled the batch so each of the boys could have their own, nice size chunk.  They all chose different colors and had fun mixing colors together to create a unique color.  After they finished making it and thoroughly playing with it, we stored them in a ziploc.  They are still great 2 weeks later!

A fun activity that gives you an opportunity to teach, discuss polymers as the kids are working their ingredients.


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