Fresh Roasted Hatch Green Chili, a Family Staple

Hatch Green Chile Roasted

Our favorite Hatch green chili and Pueblo green chili stand.

It is that time of year again!  Every August we buy bushels of fresh roasted Hatch Green Chili’s and Pueblo Green Chili’s.  Oh, and you can have fresh garlic added to your green chili batch when they roast it too! We freeze the chili’s for year around family favorites. We have countless family recipes that call for this wonderfully, delicious green chili.  Anything from egg relish to my Grandma’s Chili, to my Mom’s famous Smothered Burritos and my green chili chicken burritos, we use it for possibly any meal of the day.  It is amazing chopped, with garlic salt and slapped on your favorite sandwich.

The tradition of waiting for the perfect Fall Saturday afternoon and then finding our favorite Hatch Green Chili stand setting up their familiar yellow and white tent – the anticipation is palatable.  Not only does it conjure up thoughts of delicious meals but I can’t help but think of the seasons and activities to come.  Cooler weather with brisk air and blue skies, changing leaves, football Sundays, Fall Festivals, apple pies… then Christmas!  We make sure and buy enough Hatch Green Chili to last us through next August… which it never does.  The more we buy, the more we eat!

Hatch Green Chile Roasted

Check out my recipe page for recipes using roasted green chili’s.

Hatch Green Chilis

Don’t miss out! Get Hatch green chili or your favorite type of green chili while it’s in season.

Want to know what to do when you bushels of roasted chilis?

1.  The bushels are usually already assemble, let the roaster which kinds you want (Med, Mild, Hot, Mixed).  You usually get a discount for buying more.

2.  After they roast them, they tie them up in a plastic bags.  Let those sit in the closed bag for at least 4 hours.

3.  Have plenty of freezer bags on hand, I buy the sandwich sized ones.  I put 6-8 chilis in each bag.

4.  When you are ready peel the chilis, rinse and put them in the freezer bags.  Do NOT put the skins down your drain, make sure you throw away in the trash. I used a strainer, under the faucet to peel and rinse the chilis.

5.  When closing the bags make sure you get all the air out.  Label your bags and throw them in the freezer.

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