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Backyard track for hotwheels

Now that we have the luxury of a backyard I am always looking for fun stuff to do or setup for the boys back there.  Our latest venture was inspired by Pinterest, of course.  It is little town setup for the boys to drive their Hotwheels and Matchbox cars around in.  I used to love to play with my brothers cars out in the yard, I would literally spend hours out there.  When i saw the ideas for creating a place for cars to cruise, I was pumped.

My oldest was the most excited, he jumped right on board.  He went to the room to gather supplies like buildings and roads from his Thomas the Train set.  I went to the recycle bin looking for boxes.  We met out in a spot in the yard.  It was a great spot because the grass didn’t grow there so it is dirt.

I had so much fun setting this up with Preston.  Once we were done we invited the little brothers to come play with it.  They were amazed by it!

It’s the simple things.  What a fun day!

Car track and town


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