Summertime Organization

Organizing always “sounds good” but when does anybody really have time for that? So I am taking this Summer to get organized, again! This time I decided to start over, put everything together in one place. I took everything out of drawers and off of shelves, threw it in a huge pile and then sorted.  Putting everything back in a perfect spot has taken some time.  This is one of the first ‘AFTER’ areas…

I finally have all the homeschool teaching materials in one spot.  Also the bookshelf on the right is holding non-fiction books for the kids.  I have another half bookshelf with kids fiction and then 1 more full size full of grown-up books on apologetics, missions and theology.  I also love looking at what is on people’s bookshelves so I decided to share 1 of my shelves with you in this post.

Since all the books are put away library style the kids don’t venture into them as much as I would like.  That is why I love the book basket idea from AMFW.  Here are the boys book baskets with selections for each reader.  I refreshed their baskets in my overhaul.



Now for the before pictures of the bookshelf wall.  It was a hodgepodge of things I didn’t know where to put… I really hate looking at now, so I’m glad it’s gone.


Will be doing so much more, can’t wait to post and I can’t wait to have everything in almost perfect order!

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