A Happy Father’s Day

We love celebrating Daddy in our house, so Father’s Day is just another opportunity to show him how much he means to us.

This Father’s Day we got him something that the boys have been asking for and so has Daddy.  A good old-fashioned BB Gun.  I didn’t just get any gun either, I bought him a Classic Daisy Red Rider BB Gun! I was excited just buying it.  Of course we could have chosen from any number of semi-automatics, ones with scopes but I just had to get the classic.  Plus I did read how it is unbeatable for kids just learning, since I knew our 8 year would be using it a lot.  It sure is pretty.


red rider bb gunI went to Amazon, which I love.  They were selling a fun kit that included targets, bb’s and safety glasses.  It arrived 2 days later, then the next day we gave it to Daddy.  He had the biggest grin.  They all went out and shot for 2 hours!  I think they used about 400 bb’s.

My goal, is to have my boys learn safety above all.  Of course we all know that if you have a BB gun “you’ll shoot your eye”, hee hee.  Here’s to being safe!


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