Family Photos in the Digital Age

Girl Taking PhotographIn this day and age more pictures are taken then ever before in history. Which one of us does not have at least a couple of thousand on their hard drives? I seriously love the concept. No more film, no more developing film, no more money wasted on printing bad pictures. Did you ever buy a developed roll only to open the film envelope and see that 5 of out 24 turned out. Love that with digital cameras we get to edit and delete if necessary before we print. Digital quality is unbeatable as well.

 The only dilemma to solve? How to store and not loose them.

Since I’ve been a pc tech for well over a decade now I get my fair share of computer questions from family and friends. Two of my latest endeavors involve recovering photos and files from a crashed hard drive both for my Sister in Law and a good friend.

Nobody wants to lose their cherished photo memories especially not like this! No problem. We just need to be a little proactive. It is well worth the thought.

I recently one friend explain how she saves hera photos. Only the memory card in her camera is full, she simply removes it and stores it in a fire safe box. Then she buys a new memory for the next round of pictures. Brilliant.

For being the techie in the family I was a little disappointed I didn’t come up with that myself but that’s because my favorite method is cloud storage. One suggestion I had made is that you can upload your photos and files to Google docs if you have a Gmail account or to other online photo vendors like Shutterfly and Walgreens. Whichever one your used to. They will always be there for you to access.

That way you will at least have an online backup of your digital photos forever, hopefully.

What do I personally do? I receive plenty of emails from printers like Shutterfly, TinyPrints, Picaboo, Snapfish and Walgreens. Every week theydigital camera send out fantastic sales on Photobooks. I simply throw all my current unprinted pictures into a photo book. I use them like photo albums. These can take a long time to create if you design them, edit, add captions. However, most of them have a Wizard or Genie option. These options fill in the pictures for you, insert the place for text too. This saves a ton of time.

Do not wait until it is too late! Make a plan and stick to it. Which is the best fit for you? Maybe 2 or 3 of these suggestions? Do what works for you and don’t delay. Pictures are priceless.

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