An Educational Trip to the Flea Market

Mile Hi Marketplace

You might call it a Swap Meet, Rummage Sale, Outdoor Market, those are all other names for Flea Markets.  I noticed our Flea Market changed their named to Mile High Marketplace, sounds better but we all still call it “the flea market”.  We took a trip 1 early Saturday morning.  We woke the kids up, we all got ready and got in the car.  We  arrived at the Market at 8:30 AM.  No line to get in, plenty of great parking!

We left without eating and figured we would play it by ear.  What a good idea, there were fresh fruits everywhere.  Since we could not wash anything we played it safe with bananas.  They were perfectly ripe, fresh and a hit with the kids.  Yummy!


This turned out to be an excellent educational opportunity.  We talked about bartering and trading.  We had learned of this concept when we were studying the pioneers.  Now they get to see how that can play out.

More learning fun:

kettle_corn makerLearning about the hard and hot work that goes into delicious kettle corn. How does it pop?  What do they flavor it with?

kettle_corn2Hot and Fresh Kettle Corn

Fruit stand

Seeing tons of fresh produce, learning names and sampling them

produce stand

chilisWhat are these?  How are they cooked?  What do we use them in?


mexican_cheeseDid you know there are hundreds of cheeses in the world?  This store has a good variety of Mexican and other cheeses.


We talked about how all cheese melts differently, some are hard, some soft and why it’s good to have variety because of all we use cheese for.  We took turns naming dishes with cheese.

The best part, in my opinion, was teaching the boys how to spend their money wisely.  When we first got there, they ran to every booth, wanted something from each.  Once they realized that they each had a budget and there was hundreds of booths, they learned to be conservative and more picky about what they chose.

preston counts his moneyPreston counts his money at a vendor booth.

preston_payingPaying the seller

The boys showing off their first finds!

This was a great experience and the kids were thanking us over and over for bringing them.  We will be back!

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