An Easter Banner

Easter banner

I have a dear friend who does fun crafts with her Mother. The first really cool thing I saw that they each made for their homes was a Christmas banner. It was made of felt squares that were strung together on a pretty ribbon to make a banner. Each square had a letter on it and it spelled out “Joy to the World”. Each letter was made of crafty items like buttons, ribbon and other appliques. So cute! My friend had told me she wanted to make one for Easter too. A couple of months later she pulled me aside to show me her Easter banner. It was adorable, I was so bummed I didn’t have my camera on me.

I was definitely inspired. I was out and about the other day and wandered into a fabric store. I was set on getting the materials to make my own banner. Unfortunately the store I walked into was strictly a fabric store. No fun stuff, kinda of “stuffy”, I felt intimidated and left.

When I got home I decided to go through my scrapbooking stuff to see what I could find…


I came up with some cute things and decided to scale it down and use paper…


Cutting a bannerCutting out a banner piece

bannersmy selection of colors

Easter bannerA little too plain…

Easter bannerMuch better, I decided to add patterned paper.

Easter bannerDrying, just need to hang it up, probably in the front window.

I used cardstock because I didn’t have ribbon thick enough to hold. ┬áIf you have ribbon use it, this looks a little stiff.

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