All Systems Go – A Space Odyssey Adventure

hyperspace launch

We recently spent an afternoon at the Space Odyssey Exhibit at our local Museum.  The boys took some day long workshops and then they spent 2 hours taking in the Space Odyssey.  It was a treat for me and my husband to watch their enthusiasm soar.

Preston learning about telescopesPreston learning about telescopes

Sam exploringSam explores the exhibits

Mud and Water Learning how water affects the earth

PlayingwithLightPlaying with light

Heat Sensing CameraExperimenting with a heat sensing (Thermographic) camera

Giant EarthAdam and Earth

OliverPlanetOliver watch the changes on the model planet

Oliver is an AstronautOliver’s favorite exhibit

Preston with MarsPreston with Mars

Sam with the AstronautSuperSam in space

SamAstroBearsSam with some astronaut friends

We will definitely go back again and again!  I found some online printables from the Museum that you can use to learn every more during your visit.  Can’t wait to try them out!

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