Fun with Kitchen Science

Green Superfizz Volcano
Being a homeschooling Mom I am always on the look out for fun, hands on projects to do with my boys. They are in 2nd Grade, Kindergarten and Preschool they especially love science projects. They love to experiment. My kindergartner and 2nd Grader keep science journals. They keep track of supplies used, what they think will happen and then they record what actually happens. These are usually accompanied with pictures, it is a perfect way to track their learning adventures.

I have found some Homeschool websites that offer great suggestions on fun experiments. One website that I recently discovered is from Clorox. It is called Clorox Recipes for Fun, it is a great resource for all things fun to do with your kids.  Not only is there a Wacky Science page there is also recipes for Kiddie Cooking, Arts and Crafts, and Creative Cooking.  There are so many fun ideas.  I can not wait to get cracking at all the fun projects we found.

You can also submit your own recipes.

They have a contest running now through March 27th, you could win $10,000.  If you sign up you get entered, if you share a recipe you get an additional 10 entries!

My husband had recently told my boys about a science experiment he did when he was a little boy.  He gave me the list of ingredients, we had everything we needed so I sent the boys on a treasure hunt in the kitchen to round up the ingredients on the list.  They liked that part and it built up the anticipation of creating something cool.


The Superfizz Volcano Ingredients

SuperFizz Volcano

Start with Vinegar, dishsoap and food coloring

SuperFizz Volcano

I let the boys each pick their own colors.

volcanos erupting

Add baking soda, watch the smiles

boys_volcano experimenting

Experimenting with more baking soda


My Pretty Yellow SuperFizz Volcano


Smiles all around!


Adam and his Green Machine SuperFizz


Sam joining the fun

This experiment was a huge hit!  The boys did it 3 more times, using different colors and different amounts of the ingredients.  They played with this experiment for over an hour.  Will do this again, the boys were wondering if we could do it outside with an entire bottle of vinegar and box of baking soda, hmmm….

I wonder what kind of mess that might make?! We did have a bit of a mess, so be prepared with clean up materials.  We use and LOVE Clorox Clean Up.  I used it for clean up on this project and it cleaned up the food coloring with no problems!

Here is the recipe my husband shared:

Super Cool, Super Fizz Volcanoes

Clear Glass Cup

1 Cup Vinegar

2-3 Drops of Food Coloring

1 Tablspoon Baking Soda

1/2 teaspoon of dishsoap

(we quadrupled this recipe for all four boys)

The kids love it, do it and watch the joy bubble up as the experiment does, priceless!

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