Easy Cheesy Pepperoni Rolls

Pepperoni rolls ingredientsHave I told you how much I love to read blogs of other Moms?  There is one that I have learned so much from and had lots of inspiration from… It’s called Sam’s Noggin.  She has homeschool tips, organization ideas and recipes, yum!

Recently she had a post titled “Cheater Pepperoni Rolls” it intrigued me and when I saw the pictures, I had a mission.  She describes them as a delicious go-to snack out in her neck of the woods.  Dough, Pepperonis and Cheese?  Sounds good to me!

Pepperoni rolls Rolled out the canned Croissants, added pepperoni’s and spicy Italian sausage

Pepperoni rollsNext comes ooey, gooey mozzarella cheese

pepperoni_rolls4Roll em up, seal the sides of the dough

Pepperoni Sausage rollsAll done!  Hot, greasy and delicious pepperoni and sausage rolls!  These are the Combo Rolls.

Pepperoni rollsPepperoni Rolls all ready to eat!

Thank you Samantha!!  As always, you are an inspiration.  Keep up the excellent blogging!

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Mrs. O says:

Thanks for stopping by! Will be sure to visit you! These are SOOOO yummy and so easy!

Sennie says:

Looks easy and yummy! I’m sure my boys would love them. Thanks for sharing your recipe! Here from the Hop.


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