Denver Mint Field Trip

Denver Mint

Today we went to Downtown Denver and took a tour of the Denver Mint.  We went for two reasons, homeschool and Cub Scouts.  We are learning about money in Homeschool and my oldest is in Cub Scouts, their assignment is to start and display a coin collection.  He decided to collect State Quarters.  So, I thought we should take a trip to the Unite States Mint.  I went online to get the scoop and it turns out you can make a reservation online.  Convenient, easy and guarantees you a spot on the tour.

Denver Mint Tour

We lined up and waited, an armed guard came out to tell us the “rules”.  No cameras  :O(   for obvious reasons.  We went through the metal detectors into a 2 story room with diaramas and other displays, placards on the walls gave us the history of the Mint and of money.  The Tour Guide was so friendly, he took the time to take my kids to a display and talk about it before the tour started.  We came face to face with a giant tube filled with 147,000+ shiny pennies, the boys were in awe.

In God We TrustWe moved on and watched a video, then on to a room that overlooks the machines.  We saw samples of the sheets that the “blanks” are cut out of.  We learned how coins are made blank, then heated up until they soften, a die stamps both sides, to finish them off they put a rim around the coin.  The rim helps keep the impression on the coin, extending its street life.  This Mint can produce up to 50 million coins per day!


Denver Mint Tour

We also got to see 100k in gold dollars, so pretty!

To end the tour, they take you thru the original building that housed the mint since 1906.  Miners used to bring gold down from the Rockies and trade it for money.  We got to see a replica of the Assay Office, very neat & cool!

This part of the building has original light fixtures and gorgeous marble walls.  We ended up going down stairs that were one side of a gorgeous, double staircase.  wood banisters, iron fixtures, we could see up a few stories to an atrium.  We got to see the 350 pound Tiffany Chandeliers, exquisite wood molding, it was truly breathtaking.  I was blown away.  I wish I could have taken pictures.

The kids really liked seeing all the coins, my oldest was so attentive when it came time to listen to the tour guide.  He was very much into it.

Since I knew we would be downtown I researched some fun places to eat.  I came up with The Shoppe.  That post coming up next… this place deserves a post all its own!

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