Vanilla Snow Shakes

Vanilla, Snow, Milk, Sugar

Samuel eating snow

This past Wednesday we had our first snowfall, this called for celebration! My boys love the snow and they were so excited to be getting a storm. They woke early Wednesday to peak outside…

snow angel

I have never seen them get dressed and ready so fast, they bundled up and headed out.


Talk of the coming storm was mentioned on many Facebook pages’. My friend Tom had a comment on his wall talking about Vanilla Creams made with snow. My boys love eating snow (against everything my husband stands for, lol) and I knew they would love to use it in a recipe. We strayed a little from the recipe and ended up with delicious Vanilla Snow Shakes.

After coming in and putting warm jammies, we made these delicious concoctions.



Vanilla, Snow, Milk, SugarPour Milk into Snow, add Vanilla and Sugar

Vanilla, Snow, Milk, SugarWhisk together until creamy and smooth, pour into cups

Vanilla Snow ShakeEnjoy!

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Mrs. O says:

Glad you liked, it was fun but so very cold! Can’t wait to check out your blog 🙂

Mrs. O says:

Thank you for stopping by! I must admit I am not ready for snow either, yuck. However, seeing the boys so excited did lure me out to play with them. 🙂
Will come by and visit your blog.

Stoppin’ in from the HHH! Snow! We had our first storm a couple of days before Halloween. 6 inches. Most of it has melted though. I’m just not ready for it though! LOL We’ve made snow ice cream like this before! It is good! And quick!

Savannah says:

Oh how cool! Living in the deep south, my kids will never enjoy something like this. So, this is very fun to read about.


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