Kick-Off: Let Fall School Projects Begin

Love this time of year!  Who doesn’t, really?  I think I write about it every year, unlike the other seasons.  Just something about the Fall.  It officially starts today, yay!  Thought we would kick off the many, many Fall activities we will be doing this season, so excited!  We started by doing a leaf study.  I purchased this really cool kit from the Used Curriculum sale at my local Homeschool Convention.

Leaf Kit - Science activityThe kit includes many samples of leafs, each in their own plastic sleeve and label.  The Tree Finder book has every kind of tree you can find in North America, comes with illustrations and descriptions.  The workbook, guides you through lessons on trees and all their parts.  Yesterday I let the boys look through everything in the kit.  We will start the lessons on Monday.

The next project we worked on was leaf rubbings as seen here on Pinterest, which is where I saw it.  It is originally posted on this blog.

leaves We collected leaves from around our neighborhood.

leavespretty leaves.

Then we taped the paper down to the table with masking tape.  We used crayons that had the labels taken off so we could rub properly.  I stressed to the boys the importance of holding the bottom of the paper tight once they placed their leaves under the it.

Olivers Leaf Rubbings

Olivers Leaf Rubbings

Adams Leaf Rubbings

After the leaf rubbings we read 2 books about Fall.  One is a family favorite about all seasons but it seems best for Fall it is called The Acorn and the Oak Tree.  The other book, of course, was Clifford’s Leaf Season.  All in all, this was a great start to celebrate my favorite season.

acorn and the oak

Happy Fall!

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Mrs. O says:

It is, pretty, but unavoidable 🙂 Hope you are enjoying your November so far.

Marlynn says:

We start Fall this week too!! All though I’m not as excited for Fall as everyone else around me, I suppose I should just smile and dance on into it. It’s unavoidable.

AP Mommy says:

What a great kit! We’re working on some fall ‘learning’ too this week. 🙂


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