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Painting Activity Prep

This year we are doing Adventures in My Fathers World, included in that is “I Can Do All Things” art lesson book.  We did assignments out of there to start off our homeschool week.  The lessons are good but it starts out with coloring and drawing and my boys were dying to paint something.  So I headed over to Pinterest and searched for Kids Painting, got so many great results but one piqued my interest.  It was a paper with swirls, dots, waves and stripes.  I thought it would be a perfect, easy and fun lesson with the boys. The original post is here at Be a Fun Mum.

I set the table up while they were all on break.  I usually have them share paint and brushes but that never turns out the way I imagine it can.  This time, everyone got their own palette and a variety of brushes.

I asked them to watch me paint the different items and then told them they could make any kind of painting they wanted as long as they used dots, stripes, waves and swirls.

Mommy's Sample Paintingmommy’s sample

They liked being able to have freedom with their painting, I liked that they actually incorporated the items into their creations.

Painting with swirls, dots, waves and stripesOliver painting the Solar System

Painting with swirls, dots, waves and stripesPreston creating a Robot

Adam and Olivers Creations (Kindergarten)Adam’s is ocean waves, fish “and the red part is a force field” -lol

Samuels (preschool)Samuel immediately mixes all his colors up and made this masterpiece

Preston's Robot Creation (2nd grade)Preston’s Robot (sideways)

This was fun!  I even got in on the action, what a blast!  Thanks to “Be A Fun Mum“!


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Kelly says:

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love what you have done here! Such wonderful artwork!


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