Turning 8

I am 8 Preston

My oldest turned 8 this past week and  we did things a little different this year.  Usually we do the whole party thing, but I thought it was time for some more meaningful time with people he loves.  I asked him if he wanted to have each Grandma take him on a date and then we would let him choose a friend to take to our local amusement center.

He loved the idea and so I let our families know the scoop, they were game!

The night before his birthday my Mom picked him up and they headed straight for the “toy aisle”.  Preston picked out his favorite toy – building bricks.  He picked out a Star Wars set and a Transformer set.  Then they headed to his favorite restaurant of all time, Country Buffet.  My boy loves steak, potatoes and salad, he is in heaven there.  Next they headed to the shoe store for some new tennies and for one more special treat, they went to her house and built one of his new sets together.  He had a fantastic time!

The following morning was his birthday so I made him smiley face pancakes complete with M & M eyes.

Smiley Face Pancake

After breakfast we headed to his favorite playground for some serious fun.

I am 8

Playing with brothers

My Boy

me and my boy hanging out

That evening we had Bible Study and so we took tie-dye cupcakes to share with friends.

tyed-dyes cupcakes


Happy 8th Birthday My Dear Boy!

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