Fun with Shaving Cream

fun with shaving creamRecently I discovered another amazing blog!  This one is called Meet the Dubiens.  I have seen so many things on this blog that I want to do with my kids.  Very inspiring!

Our first inspiration we did today.  She mixed food coloring with shaving cream and used it as paint for her kids bath time.

We did not make it for bathtime, just craft time.  I let them play at their little table and gave them some utensils.

I do wish I would have had primary colors, Oliver was mixing colors and discovering new colors, would have been more effective with primary colors.

I am still trying to use up the neon colors I used for Oliver’s Rainbow Cake.

The boys had fun for about 1 hour, record time for my 3 and 5 year olds.

Oliver playing

colored shaving cream

Woody in the shaving cream

pretty green shave cream

Olivers Mixing Tray

tie dyed shaving cream

Next time:  More tools and Primary Colors.


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