Making Art with Rice

I am always looking for fun ideas the kids.  They love experiments and art.  This Summer, I signed us up for the Activities Challenge at  They have a sortable list of activities for kids.  Arts & Crafts, Science, Games and Summer Fun are just some of the categories listed.  We have done a few of the activities and the kids have really enjoyed them.

Today we chose the “Make Rice Pictures” activity.  We needed:

  • Rice
  • Food Coloring
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Construction Paper

The only step I added:  I thinned my school glue down with a little water and let the kids apply it with a paintbrush.  I only laid out the colors that matched the colored rice (that didn’t last long, lol).  We ended up with a dolphin, a robot on a beach and a “fuzzy” robot.

Here in Colorado the rice only took about 2 hours to dry so we were able to do this activity in one day.  The boys thought it so cool that is was colored rice.  We invited a friend to join us.

Rice Art

Dyed Rice

Rice Art

Dyed Rice

Creating Rice Art

the boys at work

Rice Artapplying some rice

This was fun and I recommend.  We have a lot of rice left over so we will do it again.  Might also use the rice inside an “I-SPY ” bottle.  It’s pretty that is for sure!

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